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Let's face it, I don't ever come on here anymore. I'm not deleting my account, so my old art will still be here. However, everything i do now is on Tumblr. So if you want to see any of my new stuff, or just want to catch up, it'll have to be on there. 

I know I haven't been on a whole lot lately. There's a reason for that.

I think I'm growing out of Deviantart.

I'M NOT LEAVING, don't worry. I just personally feel like I'm ready to start breaking away from this site. It's like moving out of your parents home. I'm leaving, but it's not like you're not going to see me anymore. I'm just not always going to be here. The reason is, I'm wanting to take my art more seriously and in a professional way. Deviantart has helped people do that, however, I don't feel that it can help me with that regard. Plus, I'm starting to grow out of a lot of my old work. I've given up on Bloodlust, and I gave the story and it's character to :iconlockheart9:. I'm shelving Cold Spaghetti until I know what to do with it. I don't like what's it's become, but it's what I turned it into it's my own fault. I'm done with the who "demon/anti-christ/evil" persona thing. I'm just Kyle.

This site will always have a place in my heart. I wouldn't be the artist I am today if it wasn't for Deviantart. It gave me a reason to draw. It gave my art purpose. I've met awesome people who I consider friends, even though I've never met a majority of them. I've grown as an artist and as a person, and a lot of that, is thanks to this site. I'm happy I found this place. But I just feel like I'm at a place were I'm ready to move on. Like I said, I'm not leaving, but eventually, I will be. I'll still check on my profile, answer comments and submit some stuff, but It's not going to be like before. I'm not the same person I was when I first made this account. Deviantart has done what it can for me, and I'm glad it did. I'm really am.

If you want to keep in better touch with me, you can follow me on Tumblr. (I do warn you, I reblog a lot of Homestuck)
I post art on there a lot more then on here now a days.

If you don't have or don't want to get a Tumblr, then I guess just wait for me to come on here to talk to me. :shrug:

It's not "goodbye", just more of a "I'll be back."
I was tagged by :icond5697: He will pay for his insolence later... :iconevulplz:

1. You must post these rules.

2. Each person must post 11 facts about themselves on their journal.

3. Then answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create 11
new questions for the people you tag to answer.

4. You have to at least to tag 11 people and post their icons on your journal.

5. Go to their page and tell them that you tagged him/her.

6. No tag backs.

1. I'm chubby, but have no problem with it what so ever.
2. I'm in no hurry to lose my virginity. In fact, I could be a 30 year old virgin and probably not give a shit. : shrug:
3. I don't ship pairings, I usually just approve of or agree with a ship.
4. I'm a hugger, but respect other's boundaries and will always ask before giving a hug. (Unless we're close, and I know you'll always accept one.)
5. I'm not self conscious really.
6. I think people have a hard time believing I'm not self conscious. I don't know I supposed to hate myself or something?
7. I've never hated my art. I may not like how something turns out, but I never HATE it. I know I worked hard and tried, and that's all that matters.
8. I don't believe in "bad art". I only believe in room for improvement.
9. I support my friends, even if I have to tell them what they don't want to hear.
10. I do go overboard with the above statement though....sometimes. ^^;
11. I actually don't give a flying fuck if I'm attractive. I believe in "personality", not "persona".

Thine questions:

1. What do you like in a guy/girl?

Usually "looks" means little to me. I'd want my boyfriend or girlfriend to be nice, understanding, patient, and love me for me, as I would do the same for them. :D

2. What's your favorite kind of music?

Me: Lady Gaga

Person: Kyle, that's not a music genre! You can't put that as an answ-

Me: LADY FUCKING GAGA! :icongagaplz:

3. Cake or pie?

This Cake is a Pie! :cake: :pie: (both.)

4. If there was a fight between a guy in a dinosaur suit and a bear, who would you bet on?

No one, I'd get in there myself and kick some ass! :chainsaw:

5. Would you ever miss me if I left dA?

Leave? hehehehehehheheh, you think i'd let leave? :iconikilleditplz:

6. Fish or dragons?

Gyrados. :icongyradosplz:

7. What's your favorite weird food combination? (Pizza and ranch, fries and ice cream, etc.)

Pizza and French Fries...sorry, I don't really go weird with food. :B

8. Emo or redneck?

Pokemon Trainer

9. If my band ever got big, and you saw one of our albums in store, would you buy it?


10. Homestuck or Andrew Hussie?

...both? It  wouldn't be Homestuck without the Huss.

11. Ever wonder what it would be like to give me a hug? ewe

Probably be like hugging me, since we have the same body type. :hug:

My Questions:

1. What's your body type? (like skinny or fat, whatever.)

2. Do you like Homestuck? (If not, would you ever be willing to read it, or have you tried to?)

3. Favorite Anime? (If you don't like Anime, then Favorite Cartoon. If not that either, than Favorite Show.)

4. What's something you don't like about your self?

5. Something you do like about yourself? (Nothing is not an option. ;p)

6. Favorite Animal?

7. What's something that pisses you off?

8. *BOOM!* Zombie Apocalypse! Your weapon of choice?

9. Sexual Orientation? (its okay not to answer this one, I'm just running out of question ideas.)

10. Favorite Video Game?

11. Do you have a pet? If so, what is it?

I'm going to do :iconlockheart9:'s questions since :icond5697: tagged him too, and then Damien tagged me before I finished my journal, and I planned on tagging him, so we're just gonna do each other's questions.

So, Here we go!:

1. Bow ties or regular Ties
Either, they're both awesome!

2.If my story was ever made into a manga, would you read it?


3.If you could be transported into any world, wich would it be and why?

Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

4.Are we friends?(be honest)

You bet you ass we're friends! :iconawyeahplz:

5.Does it annoy you the fact that I constently change my appearance, and my persona(Damien Soul)'s apprearance, on DA

Hey, it's your persona, do what you wish to it. In my opinion, it simply shows how creative you are.

6.Have you ever felt like a character in a TV show represents you extremly well? WHO?


7.Do you believe in the existence of Demons?

Maybe not demons, but I believe there are evil forces in the world.

8.What animal do you think represents you?

RAIN WOLF! *based of a Tumblr thing*

9.Have you ever tried to summon a keyblade?

No. ...Damien, you've tried to do this haven't you? -_-

10.Would you like to do an arttrade with me?


11.When do you think you'll be done with your fighter's reference sheet?

....*runs away because he totally forgot about that*

I shall Tag:









...ok thats it.
In one of the many alternate universe's that exist somewhere in reality. Out of all those diffrent worlds, there is something you can take comfort in.

In one of those universes, YOUR SHIP IS CANON.
And so we will rise. We will rise above the hatred of those who let their malice speak for them. We will rise above those, too afraid to understand and let other's hate speak for them. We will rise all of those who think the suffering of other's will make them better in the eyes of their fellow closed minded. We will march, despite their cries for us to halt. We will march past those who use our creator as a weapon. We will march past those who use the words of god as a way to tell children they are disgusting, vile and monstrous, simply for loving who they love. We will climb the mountain of not equality, but love. Love should no have to be equal, love should be universal. Love should not be a thing that someone who does not grasp it's true concept get's to vote on. We will fight the fight that should not have to be fought. Our wounds will bleed freedom, our fallen shall cry out for liberty from their graves. Those who were driven to take their lives, because the world would not take them, we shall cradle them in our arms. As well as the families who have suffered their children's torment. Those who have be silenced to quite our cause will only make our shouts louder. We will shout from that mountain top, so that those who can not speak, know that they are being spoken for. So that a homosexual child can know that their love is not a sin, and so a heterosexual child can not feel alienated for standing up for his friends rights. Our shouts shall be heard by the powerful as well as the weak. Our cries will not call out the wicked on their sins, but tell the tale's of those who can not tell them. We refuse to let them be forgotten, we will not let them be silenced. We will not be silenced. We will not back down. We will stand firm on that mountain top. We may stand there bruised and battered, but our resolve will remain strong. We will speak our message of love. And you know what's beautiful about it? We will never have to speak a word.

Speak the loudest without speaking. Support Day of Silence, April 20th.…
That last journal was an april fools joke, I hope everyone understood that. It was kinda obvious though. :iconhurrplz:


I made an Ask blog for Jakecard. Actually, I made it a week ago. Sorry, I completely forgot to mention it, but I guess I am now.

I plan on doing art to answer some questions, and already have began to do so. I should mention that this may slow down my art flow on here. However it shouldn't be too bad, since I doubt this is going to be super popular.

So if you have a Tumblr, and like my art, as well as Homestuck and/or Hellsing, than ask Mr. Jakecard a question!

And for those of you who don't know who Jakecard is, here's a few pictures I made of him.…
What do you guys think? Should I make a an Ask Blog for my Homestuck/Hellsing fusion character Jakecard? (Jake English and Alucard)…

A few people on Tumblr said I should do it, but since I know more people on here, I thought I'd ask you guys.
I'm taking ask's in my Tumblr ask box.

I don't expect to be bombarded with questions, but I'm bored so I just thought I'd throw this out there.

and just so you know, my ask box is ALWAYS open.
Ok, I thought I should point this out to people, since someone thought they needed to address me on this (I won't name anyone, since I don't like to cause trouble and they weren't mean or anything.)

If you notice, in parts of my gallery I've stated many times that I am not homosexual. However, someone or maybe even more than one person, thought I was in denial about being gay. I'll tell you now, I'm not denying anything. It's not that I'm denying I'm gay, its just I'm really open. I'm like REALLY REALLY open to other people. So open, its hard for some to believe that I'm NOT gay. I've come to realise this, and after being asked out twice by a couple of guys (different times) at my school, that I decided that I'd point out my heterosexuality where it was appropriate.

I wanted to settle all that, so I could now say this without anyone bringing the above subject up.

I may not be as straight as I once thought I was.

In the past month or so, I've been beginning to notice guys more. Y'know "In that way", but more in the legit way. Not the "oh, it's just hormones" thing. However, I still feel attracted to girls like I always have.  So I may be Bi-sexual, or at the least Bi-curious.

Funny, how only a short time after making a comic poking fun at me being straight but accepting, I begin to question my sexuality. Life is funny like that though.

I'm not scared or nervous about this, I'm as open as I've ever been, and will remain to be. This doesn't change anything about me, or the way I've acted, or the way I will act. I hope none of you will think of me differently, or at least not stop being my friends. But I'm pretty confident that you guys aren't like that, since I'm not usually friends with those kind of people who would end a friendship over something like this. Now, if for religious purposes, this makes you uncomfortable, I'll understand. Like always, I respect other people's beliefs and if my sexuality makes things complicated, I won't bring it up. Not that I was really going to bring it up in conversation in the first place.

I'm still deciding. However, I believe I'm pretty close to deciding. I've been thinking it over a lot, and since this is the first time I've ever questioned my sexual orientation, I've never really thought about me possibly liking guys. But the more I think on it, the more I realize, I may have been this way longer than a few months. It just never occurred to me, since I was so open to people. But It's still going to be a while before I'm 100% sure. Though I know if I'm anything other than heterosexual, I'm wouldn't be homosexual. Not for homophobic reasons, just simply because I know for a fact, I (still) like women.

So yeah, I thought I should talk about this since coincidentally someone asked me about  being in the closet and afraid to come out, right as I'm questioning my sexuality. Again, life is funny, eh? But, I was going to tell everyone this eventually. The "maybe you're denying your sexuality?" thing just kind of made me decide to say it now. To the person who sent me that note, don't feel like you've forced me out or anything, because like I said, I was going to say this anyway. Don't sweat it, you meant well, and I guess I should've explained myself better anyways. Also, I thank you for noting me and keeping it private.

So he we are. I'll tell you if anything happens, or if anything changes, but as for now....I'm not absolutely sure, at least not yet.

If any of you want to talk to me about this or anything, feel free to ask.

If you know me in real life, and want to talk to me personally, I ask that you be discreet when doing so, and talk to ONLY me PERSONALLY about it. Again, I'm not nervous or scared, but I want to reveal this to people who won't read this on my own terms.

Thank you.
Well, just realized my sub is over... Oh well.

I'm doing stuff so I really don't mind.

I go back to school Tuesday, so I'm kinda looking foward to it. I just had waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much time on my hands.

That would explain the lack of art the past two weeks.

So yeah, just updating for the sake of updating....kinda miss my death note journal skin though...
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Journal Entry: Tue Dec 20, 2011, 12:50 PM


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Journal Entry: Thu Nov 17, 2011, 6:29 PM

As of 6:35 11/17/2011, I am officially an Uncle.

My nephew is named Kasper KYLE Nida (Ny-da)

He weigh 8 pounds, and is 21 inches long, with a full little head of blonde hair like his father.

So yeah, just felt like letting you guys know. :D

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The Power of Art.

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 30, 2011, 1:11 PM

My art skills have improved alot since I started taking Studio Art, and I've produced some pretty. Right now I'm making a social commentary on child abuse, since I was a victim of it myself. I started feeling emotional inside when I started sketching the picture. I even had to warn my friends who were sitting by me, not to worry if started crying or something. They were all supportive, telling me that they'd be there if I needed comfort. I really love those guys! Anyway, I couldn't get why I was being so emotional. I never got emotional talking about that point in my life, since in my mind, it made me stronger as a person. When I was five, my father was drunk (he was an alcholic) and that usally was when he'd hit me and my sister. However, up until then, I never saw him hit my mother. She was blind and diabetic, so she couldn't do much to help us. I was five, and I saw him getting angry and yelling at my mother. Now, she may have been unable to do much, but she was one firery bitch (in the good way) when she wanted to be. She was yelling back with equal, if not, more anger. But I knew he was going to hit her, since he yelled and go angry before hitting me and my sister. However, something snapped in me. I wasn't scarred of him, I was enraged. At five years old, I got a broom out of the closet. At five years old, I raised into the air. At five years old, I cracked it across my fathers face, and knocked him the fuck out. After that, At five years old, I stopped him from hurting my mother, my sister, or me, every chance I could. Unlike most kids in that situation, I fought back. I never blamed myself. I never felt it was my fault. I never thaught I deserved it. No one ever deseves that. No one ever deserves the feeling I felt if I looked down the hallway, and saw my father with the slightest look of anger, and the smallest increase of speed in his stride. The feeling of pure terror that someone you loved gave you. At five years old, I refused to take it anymore, and I fought back. I never took it from him again. I've always viewed that time as the time I became a man. At five, I became a man to protect my family, from the man that should have been the one protecting us. I am proud of myself, and I will never be beaten down, ever again. Not like that. That time in my life made me strong. So I just couldn't get why I was getting so upset while sketching out this picture on the subject. Then it hit me. It wasn't my own expeiriences with abuse that was getting to me, It was my mind thinking about all the other kids in the same boat I was in. The other ones, that probably didn't fight back. The ones that didn't become stronger from it. Those who, infact became weaker from it. All those people's suffering was what I was feeling. Before, I had thought that mabye it was me, and even contemplated choosing a diffrent subject for the social commentary. But after I realised what I was feeling, I refused to give up. I would speak for me, and the others who'd suffered, whether out loud or in silence, I would speak for us. Even if its just a picture, its something. It's something to show those who hurt us, that they didn't win, that they will NEVER win. That THEY were the weak ones, and that they have no hold over us anymore. I do beilieve at this moment, I truly understood the power of art. It wasn't the art itself, but the person behind it. After that, I've been making this picture with a smile on my face.

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Hello thar! Just thought I'd update my journal thing here.

Well My sub has expired. You'd be the best person in the world if someone would renew it for me...please? :iconimsorryplz:

I'm going to upload some pics soon, rest assured. Some of them may be sketches, but I know you guys won't mind.

Schools going great. I'd made freinds with alot of cool people. The thing with the girl I like didn't work out, but we're still close friends. She started dating a kid she also liked. Its cool with me. When she talked about possibly going out, she had just broken up with someone, and I think she just wanted someone to cling to. She felt awkward for a few days, being around me with him (she knows I still like her.) but I met him and hes a nice dude. She was talking to our other friend about something sweet and cute he did with her, and then saw I was listening too, and joked "Kyle's like "shit, I can't beat that"" I laughed and just told her that I still do like her, but I also want her to be happy, and she's clearly happy with him, so Im happy. She paused and kind of looked sad for a moment. That made me feel bad, cuz I thought I had made her feel bad about not following through with the idea of US going out. But then she just hugged me and said "I love you Kyle" but its like friend love, and I knew what she meant. I hugged her back, and joked "I WANT A GIRLFREIND TO BE SWEET AND CUTE TOO!!" and we both said in unision,
"FOREVER ALONE!" :iconforeveraloneplz:

I LOVE MY ART CLASS!! I've drawn some epic stuff lately (they're too big to scan so I'll have to take a picture of them when they're all done.) But yeah, I'm getting better with shading and just drawing in general, so thats good.

Besides that, I don't have alot to talk about...Sorry my life isn't dramatic...guess I'm just a boring guy in real life. ^^;
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Journal Entry: Tue Sep 6, 2011, 2:12 PM

My first day of school was today. It was AWESOME. I luv my new school! The people seem freindly, though they were okay at my old school too. I also like my teachers so far. My english teacher is from Canada, and also used to teach in a school where alot of gang kids went, and yet, she's like the nicest person...EVER. WHY ARE YOU CANADIANS SO NICE? My chemistry teacher is a sports guy, but he seems nice. I swear my math teacher is gay, or at least very feminent. However, he seems super nice too. Plus, I don't mind gay people. Im not gay, but supportive. Anywho, MY SCHOOL HAS VENDING MACHINES. Like food and pop vending machines. Which were taken out of my old school cuz they felt it wasn't "Healthy"...*cough*lowbudget*cough* Plus...WE CAN EAT AND DRINK IN CLASS (if we're good) SO FUCK YEAH! I even my friend Sara, who was like "KYLE!" and I was like "SARA!" and we hugged for like 2 minutes straight. Then she proceeded to introduce me to 5 of her friends within 3 minutes, one of them she called Jesus. Im not sure if thats his real name but the guy looked the part. Then we hugged again and went off to class.

So yeah, school was sexy, as is everything involving me. :iconstudmuffinplz:

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Geez, my other journal was f*cking old!

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 31, 2011, 9:54 AM

Hello There peoples and other beings!

I thought I'd update my journal because, the title.

So I guess I could just talk about my life a bit, or something along those lines.

Well I'm going to become an uncle come November. The little tike is a boy, and his name is going to be Kasper KYLE Darby.

Thats right bitches! MY NEPHEW HAS MY FIRST NAME AS HIS MIDDLE NAME! :iconawyeahplz:

I also got Pokemon Black. I know I'd say I'd wait for Grey version, but an oppertunity arose and I seized it. I don't have Wi-Fi so I can't trade or battle online, sorry.

I go back to school soon, so expect some artwork. I tend to draw more at school, and also I have a 2 period class called Studio Art, so that should help the process. Also, since I've recently had to move, I'm going to a new school. Most would think that sucks for me, but its tolerable. There are a few kids that used to go to my old school that go to the new school Im going to, including a girl I like (Yes, THAT sort of like!) and she's shown some intrest in me aswell, so thats cool. Im also going to a place called CASA after lunch each day. Its at a diffrent building than the school and Its where Im going to be taking Studio Art. Also, kids from the other districts go there aswell, and so I'll get to see alot of my freinds from my old school still. As for my friends not attending CASA, Im going to learn to drive soon, and I didn't move very far away from my old city, so they should expect an random but dramatically awesome visit from me eventually! In the mean time, my friends can get their Kyle fix through deviantArt, facebook, and phones. So its all good.

I think I need to get off my couch more. Im getting out of shape and have gained, not a whole lot, but a signifigant amount of weight. I think thats kind of sad, taking into fact that I've gained over the Summer, which is famous for being an active season. I thinks its due to the stress over my previous school year and the move. Plus, I don't really know anyone in my new city, so I don't really have much insentive for going outside other than for yard related chores and walking my dogs. I know I've metioned before that Im a chubby dude, and peferctly fine with it, and I want to state now that its not because Im self consious about it, but I just think its starting to get a little bad, and I have a history of weight related diseases in my family. So Im gonna try to lose a few pounds before it gets out of hand. Y'know, nip it in the butt before it becomes a problem? Im not trying to become skinny jean material, cuz lord knows my fat ass is never going to fit into a pair of skinny jeans! Plus I wouldn't do such a torturous thing to my "boys" between the legs. I'm just starting to get out of my comfort zone with my weight, health wise at least. I'm naturally a big guy, so my body type is okay for having some chub, but I'm getting up there on the scale. So I'm gonna start exersising more. Probably helps that I have to walk a mile to school and back.

I've also decided to get off the computer for the night at 10:00 pm. (Eastern Time) becuase I've been staying up way too late online, and its fucking up my sleep patterns. This has probably contributed to me gaining weight, but also, Im just tired of being exhausted all day. While most kids my age would be all pissed off, I'm actually thankful that my Aunt and cousin are coming down on me about my time spent on the computer. If you don't know, I live with my Aunt and Uncle, and my cousin live's with us too. My cousin is actually the one who came up with the "No computer past 10:00" idea. While some may see it as a punishment, I see it as a pretty good way to help structure my daily life. Besides, Im usally done with the major things I would want to do on the computer by 10:00 anyway, and would probably just  be goofing off on the internet at that point.

Well, I feel I've written enough, and have probably steered a few people away from reading this due to the massive WALL OF TEXT, so I'll end this here. PEACE! :iconpeacesignplz:

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Im a Dragon/Grass Type

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 27, 2011, 5:34 PM

"What's Your Pokemon Type?" meme!! :iconvoltrollplz:

[X] You have a hardy nature
[x] You're a born leader
[x] You're a charmer
[x] You have a great singing voice
[ ] You love reptiles
Total: 4

[x] You have a jolly nature
[x] You are kind
[ ] You love all animals
[x] You can keep a beat (some of the time)
[x] You are true gentleman/lady
Total: 4

[x] You can be hot-headed
[ ] You are short tempered
[ ] You go into a rage when you're mad
[ ] You hate going swimming
[ ]You're the bad boy/girl type
Total: 1

[ ] You love to swim
[ ] You have a lax nature
[ ] You are a strong swimmer
[ ] You like soft jazz music
[x] You can dance ( OF FRIGGIN' COURSE!)
Total: 1

[ ] You can take a hit or two
[ ] You like shiny things
[ ] You love/loved gems/metals
[ ] You have a bold nature
[x] You have super hard bones(Never had a broken bone in my whole life)
Total: 1

[X] Your head is always in the clouds
[ ] You have a hasty nature
[ ] You love flying
[ ] You can be intimidating for your size
[ ] You always feel like you're flying
Total: 1

[ ] You love to play mind games with people
[x] You don't like to fight
[ ] You have a docile nature
[X] You love to play games
[ ] You often run away from things
Total: 2

[ X] You are strong
[ ] You are vain
[ X] You don't give up so easy
[ ] You love to fight
[ ] You have a bold nature

[ ] You love the shadows
[X] You don't get out much
[ ] You have a bashful nature
[ ] You like to scare people
[X] You love scary movies/shows
Total: 2

[ ] You are a lone wolf
[ ] You have an impish nature
[ ] You're not a social person
[ ] You don't get along with people
[ ] You listen to heavy music like metal or hard rock
Total: 0

[X] You know a lot of things
[ ] You have a naive nature
[ ] You stand out easily
[X] You love all music (Except country and rap XP)
[ ] You can do anything if you put your mind to it
Total: 2

[X] You have a relaxed nature
[ ] You love bugs
[ ] You like country music (ewwy)
[ ] You can play a stringed instrument
[X] You're peaceful
Total: 2

[ ] You have a serious nature
[ ] You can play a drum like instrument
[ ] You're hard headed
[X] You're big
[ ] You have/had a solid relationship
Total: 1

[ ] You have a cold heart
[X] You love cold weather
[ ] You love cold food/drinks
[ ] You've broken someone's heart
[X] Someone has broken your heart
Total: 2

[ ] You have a rash nature
[ ] You kill things a lot
[ ] You don't listen to that much music.
[ ] You don't have good plans or strategies
[ ] You often hide in the shadows
Total: 0

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Journal Entry: Sat Jul 16, 2011, 11:08 AM

Okay, this is a feature for a person that really shouldn't need a feature. Someone who should be VERY popular on here, and thru some twisted fate made up by the malovalent gods of deviantArt, she's not. This persons makes REALLY funny comics and its a shame shes not reconigzed for this. So Im going to feature her here. Im not asking you guys to go watch her simply cuz I featured her. I asking you to read her comics, comment, give her feed back, and help give her the recongition she deserves! I will feature some of her comics here, BUT THERE ARE A LOT MORE WHERE THESE CAME FROM! So check her out, comment, +fav, and if you like her art enough, watch her!

Heres her account --> :iconmaifreakydarling:

and Heres a few of her comcis!





and Heres a link to her comic folder(cuz she draws more then just comics) -->…

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